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About Edifer Online Conferences


Edifer Group aims at providing an online platform to researchers, students, academicians, and industry professionals from around the globe to share recent developments made in the field of science & technology. Here participants can have access to international synchronous and asynchronous conferences, from anywhere and at any point of time in the world.  Webinars are conducted in a wide range of topics, thus attracting researchers from the scientific fraternity to stay connected.

Privacy Policy

Edifer Group is dedicated in keeping all your personal details safe and protected. Our security procedure entirely safeguards the security of your own data and respects your decisions for its proposed utilisation. We prudently protect your data from misuse, unauthorised access or leak, modification, or destruction.

Edifer Group Uses a secure gateway & transparent transaction system & never saves or store any information related to credit/debit card or other bank details while accepting payments.


Edifer Group never stake on the personal information of the participants other than to contact them for conference related queries. Edifer Group values its integrity policy of registered participants, delegates, and speakers, & not ever discloses full or part of information to any third party. The delegate list present on the conference venue which contains names & contact numbers of the participants is only available for the participants of the particular conference. Delegates has open authority to place their opinion choose the relevant conference. Edifer Group respects the decision of individuals, believes in individual decision rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any person associated to the field of life science, researcher, academician, scientist, pharmaceutical production house representatives, business delegates, students, professors, doctors and other medical practitioners.

You can find the event schedule final agenda preparation is done. It will be available on the conference website as well as at the conference venue 

Registration deadline means the date when registration processes for the conference is over and no more registrations will be accepted however under some conditions registrations can be accepted after the deadline as well.

Free registration right is reserved to company it depends whom the company may consider for a free registration

Yes presentation certificates will be given to everyone, like presenters, delegates, participants after the successful completion of the conference.

Yes you are welcome to submit your research. Our conferences are intended to bring on board new researches and techniques to the field of life science.

You can avail conference proceedings once full agenda has been prepared. You can ask for a soft copy initially then a hard copy at the conference venue. if you want to share your presentation you can share it within the participants after seeking permission from the organising committee.

You will have to register for them as accompanying persons. There will be small amount of registration fee for them as well because they will be treated as participants but with limited access to the conference venue.

Refund Policy

Two months before the start date of conference 85% of the total paid amount excluding VAT & Transaction Charges.

One month before the date of conference 60% of the total paid amount excluding VAT & Transaction Charges.

15 day before the start of the conference 40% of the total paid amount excluding VAT & Transaction Charges.

No refund will be entertained ten days before the start day of the conference.