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Who We Are

Edifer Group established by a group of researchers with a motif to follow combined goals of the scientific research society mainly focusing in the areas of Science, Medicine, Engineering, Technology and Social Sciences to support exchange of the thoughts & knowledge that facilitates partnership between the scientists, academicians and researchers of same and interdisciplinary research areas.

Edifer Group focuses on networking and connecting with the scientific society, in addition to scheduled discussion to be held during a conference.  It assists in maximising interaction amongst the speakers and delegates by utilising social networking channels.

About Online Conferences

Edifer Group aims at providing an online platform to researchers, students, academicians, and industry professionals from around the globe to share recent developments made in the field of science & technology. Here participants can have access to international synchronous and asynchronous conferences, from anywhere and at any point of time in the world. Webinars are conducted on a wide range of topics, thus attracting researchers from the scientific fraternity to stay connected.


Scheduled Conferences

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    Hanamkonda, Warangal, 
    Email: [email protected]